Carrie, from Conroe Texas

Just sending you a picture of Greyson who has stolen our hearts.  At his checkup this week for shots and weight he has done well, he’s 16.20 lbs up from 11.6 on 2/22. Every morning when he comes out of his kennel I swear he has grown another inch.  He loves to play with his toys and loves to sleep with Mr. Koala Bear.  I wish I could of recorded his interaction with a butterfly the other day.  It was so sweet.  Though not so sweet when he wanted to do the same thing with a wasp.  lol!  When he gets finished doing his business in the morning instead of eating breakfast he just wants to cuddle for awhile.  I spoiled him today and put a quilt on my chair for him to lay on. lol!  Though he prefers his quilt on the floor.