Our Puppies

Current Litters!

Quick Note: Our typical litter size is 7-10 puppies. We only accept 6 deposits before the puppies are born. We then do a waitlist for the extra puppies that will be born.  If you have any questions about this, let us know!


Mila & Sawyer

Expected Birthdate: September 1st

Availability: Waitlist Full

Mila is our playful, fun-loving girl. She loves people and is just such a sweet girl to watch play. We can’t wait to see her & Sawyer’s puppies! They will have amazing personalities, and the beautiful looks of their parents. 


Finley & Sawyer 

Expected Birthdate: July 15th

Available: Waitlist Full

Finley is such a loving, athletic, beautiful mom! She gets along with everyone and loves people. The dad is playful and a total sweetheart. Their puppies are just gorgeous! They will be ready for their forever homes 8 weeks after birth, which is around September. We are currently accepting deposits for the litter. Contact us for more adoption information!



Spice & Sawyer

Expected Birthdate: July 16th

Available: Waitlist Full

We are so excited about this litter! This is our first litter with Spice and Sawyer. Spice has some of the top Golden Retriever bloodlines in the world! These parents are a great combination together and they have such amazing personalities.



Nadia & Sawyer

Expected Birthdate: July 18th

Available: Waitlist Full

Nadia & Sawyer will have such pretty puppies! Nadia is a loving, laidback girl, and Sawyer is a playful, adventurous male. Their puppies should be a pretty blonde/gold color.




Older Dogs Available!

Meet Buddy! He is a nine month old boy. He has a blocky build, almost completely white, and has the most laidback, loving personality. Pedigree: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1069856


Meet Rylee Ann! She is so loving, playful, and sweet. She is about 5 years old and is ready to retire from our breeding program. She is ready for a loving home for her retirement.


What you can expect from a Golden Life Puppy:

  • Our puppies are touched from birth, which helps make them use to people and the socialization process easier.
  • They have early neurological stimulation.
  • Adequate time to be with litter mates, & learn from each other
  • Lots of socialization, because we realize that a well socialized puppy will do better in life and adjust more easily to different circumstances.
  • Our puppies receive multiple different forms of vitamins and nutritious supplements while they grow.
  • These are just a few things that make our puppies so amazing!

Contact us for more adoption information!