Our Puppies

Current Litters!

Litters Expected May 2021!

Mila’s Litter-

Born: 05/09/2021

Available: 7 females

Lilly’s Litter-

Born: 05/01/2021

Available: 2 males and 1 female

Older Dogs Available!

None at this time


What you can expect from a Golden Life Puppy:

  • Our puppies are touched from birth, which helps make them used to people and the socialization process easier.
  • They have early neurological stimulation.
  • Adequate time to be with litter mates, & learn from each other
  • Lots of socialization, because we realize that a well socialized puppy will do better in life and adjust more easily to different circumstances.
  • Our puppies receive multiple different forms of vitamins and nutritious supplements while they grow.
  • These are just a few things that make our puppies so amazing!

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