Living The Golden Life

Connecting families with a caring, loyal and cuddly friend

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What is The Golden Life?

The Golden Life is a state of mind. It’s a way of life. It means having a best friend by your side at all times.

We provide healthy, loving Golden Retriever puppies and years of companionship. We do it in a way that’s relationally-focused, with quality and lifelong service as the top priorities.

Top Bloodlines

Champion Backgrounds

AKC Registered

Born and raised

Raised in the Heartland of America, the Midwest, our puppies spend their first eight weeks of life experiencing all that the country has to offer—where there is room to roam, play, safely explore, and receive holistic and natural Environmental Stimulation Training. 

For homes nationwide

We personally deliver to you! We always ensure a safe, happy, and stress-free travel experience for our puppies. 

We cannot wait to speak to you in person and tell you more about how to bring a loving, little puppy into your home!


Our Story

My name is Taycie Powell. I started The Golden Life (TGL)—a Premier dog breeding company for Golden Retrievers—in 2014.

Since that time, we’ve delivered precious, furry family members across the nation to hundreds of customers who are now lifelong TGL friends.