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Welcome to The Golden Life,

Are you looking for a cuddly friend who is both caring and loyal?

At TGL we strive to provide high-quality dogs with companionship in mind. Our dogs are sweet-tempered, loving, and healthy! 

Raised in the heartland of America- The Beautiful Midwest-with healthy air, room to roam, and people to love on them. We then personally deliver to you!

We cannot wait to speak to you in person and tell you more about how to bring a loving, little puppy into your home!

We Deliver Nationally!

We love all the amazing places our puppies get to live!

  • Nancy, from Fort Myers FL
    Kayleigh K is awesome. Michael is taking an online training class and she is responding. She sits, she lies down, she comes when you call her. Potty training going ok. Pooping outside. We have a few pee accidents but my fault. If I don’t take her out every hour or so she has an accident. She sleeps the night in her crate. We are working on the “no bite”.
    Kayleigh K has an awesome personality. She’s outgoing, loves people and other dogs. She loves long walks and exploring the lanai. She loves being with us. She makes us laugh all the time. Her favorite treat is a puppy size Kong filled with peanut butter. We freeze them and she spends hours playing with it. Thank you for this amazing pup.
    Nancy, from Fort Myers FL
  • Daniela, from Mahwah NJ
    Sooo happy that we found The Golden Life Pups- we were fortunate to find our adorable pup through them and they were a pleasure to work with. Taycie was so sweet and helpful the entire time. She was super responsive and went above & beyond to make sure we were set up to take in our pup. Thank you guys!!!! We could not be happier.
    Daniela, from Mahwah NJ
  • Courtney, from Houston TX
    Finley’s been so great!! She’s playful, sweet, fluffy, healthy and absolutely beautiful!! I appreciated how easy Taycie and the TGL team made the process. She was literally brought to my front door and I couldn’t have been happier with the communication they provided along the way! I will definitely recommend anyone who wants a golden puppy to use TGL!! Thank you TGL for my FURever friend!
    Courtney, from Houston TX
  • Patricia, from Andover MA

    My husband and I were planning to get a puppy for a little over a year. We did a lot of research, and found TGL. Taycie was very responsive from the very beginning. We couldn’t visit her place due to the Covid-19 situation but she provided us with details about the litter, the sire/damn, the way she was caring for her dogs, and her history as a Golden Retriever breeder. We also FaceTimed with our puppy! The puppy we purchased was lovingly cared for, was given his first shots, dewormed, and safely delivered to our place. All instructions given by Taycie were helpful, including prior health history and tips on feeding and housebreaking our new puppy. Kids are in love with our new puppy! Thank you, Taycie.

    Patricia, from Andover MA
  • Alison, from New York
    Greetings from Cody in NY!
    Cody has been such a great companion for all of us during this pandemic. We are so grateful to have such a loving, friendly, and playful puppy like Cody.
    Taycie & the rest of TGL team have been amazing communicators and teachers during this new process for my family and I. Additionally, Cody had a clean bill of health when we took him to the vet. I would recommend The Golden Life to anyone! We are so grateful for finding this amazing breeder!
    Alison, from New York
  • Hannah, from Ohio

    Taycie & the team at The Golden Life Pups do an excellent job raising golden bundles of joy that would be a great addition to any family. Taycie was helpful, attentive, and informative throughout the entire process! I would highly recommend this breeder, facility and the pups to anyone! 

    Hannah, from Ohio