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At TGL we strive to provide high-quality dogs with companionship in mind. Our dogs are sweet-tempered, loving, and healthy! 

Raised in the heartland of America- The Beautiful Midwest-with healthy air, room to roam, and people to love on them. We then personally deliver to you!

We cannot wait to speak to you in person and tell you more about how to bring a loving, little puppy into your home!

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  • Carrie, from Conroe Texas

    Just sending you a picture of Greyson who has stolen our hearts.  At his checkup this week for shots and weight he has done well, he’s 16.20 lbs up from 11.6 on 2/22. Every morning when he comes out of his kennel I swear he has grown another inch.  He loves to play with his toys and loves to sleep with Mr. Koala Bear.  I wish I could of recorded his interaction with a butterfly the other day.  It was so sweet.  Though not so sweet when he wanted to do the same thing with a wasp.  lol!  When he gets finished doing his business in the morning instead of eating breakfast he just wants to cuddle for awhile.  I spoiled him today and put a quilt on my chair for him to lay on. lol!  Though he prefers his quilt on the floor.

    Carrie, from Conroe Texas
  • Danielle, from Brooklyn NY

    Brooklyn is the best little pup! She is playful and friendly and we are off to such a great start. She is SO cute and silly and she has lightened up my life. She learned commands quickly and our training has been going well!
    Taycie and the Golden Life were great through the entire process from puppy selection to the day Brooklyn showed up at my door. She answered all of my many questions and made sure I felt comfortable from the start. She stays connected on social media and it’s great to see all of Brooklyn’s siblings and cousins!

    Danielle, from Brooklyn NY
  • Alexa, from Austin TX

    Nana has been an absolute joy in my life! She is the sweetest, most playful, and friendliest puppy ever. It’s impossible to go anywhere with her without numerous people stopping to pet her or asking where I got her. Taycie and everyone at The Golden Life have been nothing but amazing through the entire process. It’s been so nice to have that support both before and after I got Nana. 

    Alexa, from Austin TX
  • Erin, from Cincinnati OH

    Our sweet Crosley is very well loved already!! He had a glowing report at the vet and is doing amazing. Thank you!!!

    Erin, from Cincinnati OH
  • Ryan, from Austin Texas

    Sunny is doing incredible she has so many friends in Texas and is a huge hit everywhere she goes – she’s very literally the best thing that ever happened to me!  Greetings from Sunny!  

    Ryan, from Austin Texas
  • Maria, from Florida

    Hi. I’ve been wanting to talk to you but I’ve been crazier busy. I need to congratulate you for the puppies, specially Treasure. Everybody goes crazy and delighted with her. Her vet is the funniest one, because she tries to go hard on her but after 2 minutes she melts. The day that we picked her up you said that her looks were going to be from the father and you were completely right! She looks a lot like him. I showed the picture to the vet and she said no wonder she’s so beautiful!

    Maria, from Florida