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Welcome to The Golden Life,

Are you looking for a cuddly friend who is both caring and loyal?

Not only do we provide healthy, loving Golden Retriever puppies and years of companionship, we do it in a way that’s relationally-focused, with quality and lifelong service as the top priorities.

Raised in the Heartland of America, the Midwest, our puppies spend their first eight weeks of life experiencing all that the country has to offer—where there is room to roam, play, safely explore, and receive holistic and natural Environmental Stimulation Training. We then personally deliver to you! We always ensure a safe, happy, and stress-free travel experience for our puppies. 

We cannot wait to speak to you in person and tell you more about how to bring a loving, little puppy into your home!

We Deliver Nationally!

We love all the amazing places our puppies get to live!

  • TGL gave me such a great girl! They were great in communicating on what was going on and giving me many updates on my puppy before I received her. Thanks TGL for my new best friend! 

    Julie, from Boca Raton FL
  • Learning very quickly! Got him about a week ago now. Goes to door and wines/barks when he needs to go out. Knows already how to sit. Very smart and well behaved.

    Chevy, from Aurora IL
  • We love our little girl, Milli! She gets compliments wherever we go. The Golden Life is very professional and kept us informed of her progress with pictures up to the day she was delivered to us.

    Leisa, from Houston TX
  • Matt, from Los Angeles CA

    “I can’t thank Taycie and The Golden Life enough for bringing me Charlie. He is so playful and curious and excited to explore the West Coast! I think he’s an aspiring model too. My experience with TGL was flawless from start to finish. Taycie kept me informed and was so responsive to all of my questions. My favorite part of each week would be her update messages and pictures of all of the puppies. I feel like I’ve been with Charlie from the moment he was born to the moment he came home with me.”

    Matt, from Los Angeles CA
  • Dave, from Providence RI

    We did a lot of research when we were thinking of getting a golden retriever and landed on The Golden Life. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with The Golden Life especially Taycie. Taycie kept us well informed throughout the whole process. When our puppy was born we were sent pictures and text messages with a link to a personal collage of our puppies photos. When the day came to receive our puppy Taycie hand delivered Charlie to us at the airport. It was such a cool experience and I would recommend The Golden Life to anyone looking for a perfect golden retriever. We could not be happier with Charlie! Do not hesitate to get your golden from The Golden Life!

    Dave, from Providence RI
  • Nancy, from Fort Myers FL
    Kayleigh K is awesome. Michael is taking an online training class and she is responding. She sits, she lies down, she comes when you call her. Potty training going ok. Pooping outside. We have a few pee accidents but my fault. If I don’t take her out every hour or so she has an accident. She sleeps the night in her crate. We are working on the “no bite”.
    Kayleigh K has an awesome personality. She’s outgoing, loves people and other dogs. She loves long walks and exploring the lanai. She loves being with us. She makes us laugh all the time. Her favorite treat is a puppy size Kong filled with peanut butter. We freeze them and she spends hours playing with it. Thank you for this amazing pup.
    Nancy, from Fort Myers FL