Our Parents

Sawyer – Male, 70-75lbs. AKC Registered name “Sawyer Finn of The Golden Life”. OFA on both Hips & Elbows. Sawyer has such an athletic, blocky, handsome build. He would be a great adventure dog! He is adventurous, playful, and loves people! K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=988120

Stallone- Male, 65lbs. AKC registered. Stallone is our darling, laidback boy. He is just a lover and has a beautiful soft coat.

Lilly – Female, 65lbs. AKC registered name, “Moxies Lilly”. Lilly is stunning! She absolutely loves people and just wants to be around you. She has amazing structure and a beautiful coat. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1177136

Spice – Female, 65-70lbs. Champion background. Tramin (top Golden Retriever bloodlines). AKC Registered name “Tramin JE T’AIME.” OFA prelims. Spice is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl!! She has a very blocky build, an amazing coat, and great genetics. Her personality is calm and sweet, and she is just a joy to be around. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=929473

Malinka – Female, 60-65lbs. AKC registered. OFA prelims. Champion backgrounds. Malinka is a playful, fun-loving girl! She loves people and other dogs. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1070233

Finley- Female,60-65 lbs. AKC Registered name “Finley Ice”. Finley is a doll! She has a laid-back personality, with lots of love in her heart for the dogs and people around her. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=988127

Nadia – Female, 60lbs. Champion Backgrounds. European Bloodlines. AKC registered name, “Navilis Very Irresistible.” Nadia is such a calm girl. She is laidback and loving. We love her and her beautiful puppies. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1068447

Brynn- Female, 60lbs. AKC registered. We are so excited about Brynn! She is the first female we have kept from our own breeding program. Brynn has a stunning athletic build, a sweet loving personality, and a beautiful coat. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1058806

Mila- Female, 55lbs. Champion backgrounds. European Bloodlines. AKC registered. Mila is such an people lover! She loves attention so much and just wants people to give her lots of love. K9 link: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1021224