Preparing For Your Puppy!

Welcome to The Golden Life Family!

1- Unsure of what to purchase to prepare? We have compiled an Amazon basket to help out with your purchases! –

2- Ensure your puppy is coming into a good environment. Puppy proof your home, & make sure the puppies living space, eating area, etc. are all set and ready before you bring your puppy home.

3- A very important thing to remember, is to stay calm for your puppy. Understand that your new little puppy has never been in your home before, has never been around you before, and is unsure about whats going on. Be patient and give the puppy time.

4- Your puppy may have some loose stools, lack of appetite, and be pretty tired- these are normal behaviors for a puppy under stress. However, if you are concerned, never hesitate to contact us.

5- Don’t forget about your puppies gut health, & overall health. We recommend Diamond Puppy food(we believe it makes their coats look amazing and is very good for overall health). Probiotitic’s are also a very good thing to give your puppy, as it helps gut health and their immune system. We recommend NuVet Plus. Nuvet Plus is not available in store so order directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 916393, or ordering online at 

6- Have fun and enjoy your puppy! We cannot wait to see all the amazing places you go and adventures you have together!