Our Parents

Sawyer – Male, 70-75lbs. AKC Registered. OFA prelimed on both Hips & Elbows. Sawyer has such an athletic, blocky, handsome build. He would be a great adventure dog! He is adventurous, playful, and loves people!
Oakley– Female, 50lbs. AKC Registered. Oakley is such a sweet baby! She is loving, playful, and takes great care of her puppies.
Rylee Ann- 55lbs. AKC registered. Rylee Ann is a playful girl! She likes to exercise, loves people, and is a sweet, caring mom.
 Nessa- Female, 55lbs. AKC registered. OFA Certified. Nessa is a calm, loving, gentle-hearted girl. A great mom, and a people pleasure.
Marley– Female, 55 lbs.  AKC Registered. Marley is so calm! She would make a great therapy dog and loves to be with you. She is a great mom!
Finley – Female,60-65 lbs. AKC Registered. Finley is a doll! She has a laid-back personality, with lots of love in her heart for the dogs and people around her.