Golden Gift

Golden Gift

Charitable program

We are incredibly excited to announce our new program, “Golden Gift” designed for specific families to receive a golden retriever puppy from The Golden Life with personal delivery to their family, at no cost, just apply.

The Golden Gift is designed to bless specific families with physical or emotional needs, with a puppy that matches those needs. This is a charitable program giving back to our dog-loving community. 

Golden Retrievers are renowned for their ability to adapt to therapy and service dog programs, and our goldens are no exceptions. 

This program enables families to receive a golden retriever at no cost, from The Golden Life, with personal delivery to their family. 


-The program is meant to bless families that are in need of a puppy that they can train to be a therapy or service dog.

-The family will receive a TGL golden retriever puppy, with delivery included, at no cost to the family.

-Our first family will be picked May-June of 2022.

How To Apply?

1- Fill out our puppy application

2- Share your story of why this program would bless your family!