Adoption Process

What does it look like to adopt from The Golden Life?

1- Take a look at our available litters! If you don’t see something in your timeline, reach out to us, we sometimes have other options as well!

2- Contact us. We love working with the families that adopt our dogs and we help walk you through the application and deposit to hold your puppy!

3- After your confirmed for a litter, we continue to keep you updated on your litter, have the PICKING OUT DAY!!! always so exciting. Next we arrange personal delivery for you, included in the adoption cost, and work with you on the right dates for the delivery.

4- THE DAY HAS COME, for you to receive your puppy! But our relationship doesn’t end there, we have lifetime breeder support, so we are here for any questions you have throughout the life of your baby!

After receiving their puppies, customers find that they’re still part of the TGL family.

Taycie Powell, Founder of The Golden Life

Additional Information!

  • Our puppies are touched from birth, which helps make them used to people and the socialization process easier.
  • They have early neurological stimulation.
  • Adequate time to be with litter mates and learn from each other
  • Lots of socialization, because we realize that a well socialized puppy will do better in life and adjust more easily to different circumstances.
  • Our puppies receive multiple forms of vitamins and nutritious supplements while they grow.

These are just a few things that make our puppies so amazing!

Let’s get it started!