Adoption Certificate

Adoption Certificate for The Golden Life:


We release the puppy into the hands of the adoptive party and the adoptive party takes complete ownership of the puppy. The adoptive party is to treat the puppy with the utmost care and provide a loving home. 


We promise that we are presenting a healthy puppy to the adoptive family, that has been well cared for and loved. 


If there would be genetic issues(hip or elbow dysplasia, cancer, eye defects) that arise within the first year of the adoptive family having the puppy- we would help cover it up to half of the initial investment(half of the adoption cost)


We will take back a puppy/dog at any time, and if for some reason the dog would need to be rehomed- the adoptive family is to contact us first. 

Congratulations on your new adventure buddy and little friend! 

Welcome to The Golden Life Family!


The Golden Life. 

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