A (not) walk on the beach

I stood there on a sandy beach in Florida, the sound of waves crashing, people enjoying themselves, and the sun beaming down. And best of all, my puppy beside me. I’ve always been a pretty isolated person when it comes to being on the beach. When I’m on the beach, it’s chill time, and I just relax. My puppy and I were going on a beach walk….or trying to. She was making good progress on her leash training, but was still young. As we walked along, people kept coming up to us. Some of the conversations would go like this,

“Oh my gosh! She is so adorable!!!”,

“A little Puppy!!! This just made my day;)”,

“She’s such a sweet little puppy!! Can I hold her?”

I wasn’t getting a walk in, but it was ok. And that’s when I finally realized it……

Furry friends bring people together.

They bring people together in a way I had never thought about. They form a community….a bond….a common love- a love of undying friendship.

Dogs provide companionship, unselfish love, and true friendship. A friendship that doesn’t ask anything of you, but continually gives. I ask myself, “what would the world look like if we loved each other in that same way?”

I would argue that the world would be a much better place.

As I continued walking, I looked up at the sun, the beautiful ocean, and my puppy beside me, and realized…..that I was living The Golden Life.

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